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010 Publishers Art and design book publisher
AIGA Center for Sustainable US sustainable (graphic) design resource
Architecture for Humanity Humanitarian architecture network
Localised sustainable projects
Architecture for people
Centre for Alternative Technology
Technology centre based in Wales
Centre for Sustainable Eco design research and training
Change Design Australian eco design
Common Ground
Celebrating localities
Community Recycling Network Network for community waste sector DEsign EDucation & Sustainability
DEFRA Department for Environment etc...
Demi Web Resource
Sustainable design guide
Design Council
Design Stuff
Design for the World
Design Volunteers
Do Create Products that invite user input
Doors of Perception
What should we do with technology?
Innovative design stable
Earth Day Network
Environmental citizenship
Edwin Datschefski
Eco product design
Advising business on sustainability
Ethical Consumer
Can you buy and be green?
Ezio Manzini Scenarios for sustainable futures
First Things First Manifesto Manifesto for good graphic design
Five Ways
Refashioning fashion
Forum for the Future
Turning big business green
Friends of the Earth
Are you?
Furniture Reuse Network National charitable reuse network
Green Money
Socially Responsible Investment Sustainable design talks and debate
Campaigning charity
Helen Hamlyn Centre
Design for people
Thinking fashion
Institute for Social
Got an idea - post it here The world’s biggest show and tell
How long should fashion last?
London Community Recycling Network Resource management network for London
London Remade Waste management + green procurement
Loughborough Uni
Product design starters
Lovely As A Environmental info for graphic designers
New Economics Foundation
Money Money Money
O2 Network for Sustainable
Sharing info on sustainable design
Project H Design Humanity, Habitats, Health and Happiness Trends and ideas to inspire change
REalliance Building a sustainable resource economy
Recycling cups to pencils and more
Rematerialise Sustainable materials

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