Sustainability of [re]design

We like to walk our talk – applying the same principles to our day-to-day routines and facilities as to our projects and events.

We are…

Not for profit – any money made on projects goes back into [re]design to further our work.

A social enterprise – an organisation that aims to make a positive social and environmental contribution to the world, and puts these aims first when making business decisions.

A friendly team – we value every member of the [re]design team and enjoy a hearty home-cooked lunch together every day. We like making friends with like-minded collaborators too.
Low carbon commuters – we walk, cycle, train and bus to work (and out to meetings whenever we can).

Energy savers – we get our electricity from renewable sources, choose energy-saving lighting both for the office and exhibitions, switch off what we’re not using, minimise printing, think jumpers are great inventions and enjoy our low-energy gadgets…

Water savers – we monitor and minimise annual water consumption, have a water butt for the garden and dual flush loos.

Avid recyclers – we recycle cardboard, paper, plastics, glass, metal, and love the wiggly worms in our compost heap.

Localisers – we know our neighbours and build relationships with local partners and suppliers. We even grow a few of our own veggies.

Green cleaners – we use vinegar, lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda, borax, eco cleaning products, and a dash of elbow grease!

Reclaimers – we know it’s a bit naughty but we love finding gems in skips. Our studio is full of reappropriated, revamped bits and bobs, with some newer good and gorgeous design mixed in. Our making workshops also use recycled, reused and sustainably sourced materials, and inspire people to make things the eco way at home.

Exhibition innovators – we develop materials-light and reusable exhibition designs: for example using shipping containers, scaffolding (with sheeting reclaimed to make shopping bags), or suspension rather than plinths.

Responsible publishers – our publications are printed on recycled stock by printers with rigorous environmental policies, and are designed to minimise wasted materials.


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