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Doing it for the kids logo D+T Show 09 @ NEC

D+T Show, 18-20 Nov '09
The Doing It For The Kids Show travelled to the NEC in Birmingham. Connecting the UKs Design and Technology teachers with the creative, forward thinking ideas behind the show through live demonstrations.
Paper recycling workshop logo Recycling Paper Workshop

, 18-20 Nov '09
The [re]design Recycling Paper Worksshop looks at how and why paper is recycled through discussion and hands on paper recycling.
NESTA tree logo [RE]DESIGN TREE 09

NESTA Offices, Dec '09
[re]designs 2009 Christmas tree for NESTA isn't about boxes under the tree, instead boxes are the tree! The fully recycled tree is made from reclaimed cardboard and NESTA's own out of date print materials.
 [RE]DESIGN 05  
21-25 Sept '05
Showcasing 100 desirable domestic designs – friendly to you, friendly to society and friendly to our environment.
10 Jun - 30 Sept '06
A beautiful sustainable homewares collection from 18 designers, presented in partnership with the new retail concept store Potassium.

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