Sit Up set up at 100% Design
Earls Court, 19 September 2007

The set up of the Sit Up exhibition at 100% Design was completed today, despite the fact that the scaffold was only finished at 8pm tonight. The two guys from the scaffolding company were meant to finish this on Monday (two days ago). But when they realised they hadn’t brought enough poles they disappeared Monday lunchtime not to be seen again until mid way through Tuesday.

However thanks to a tireless effort from the [re]design team’s Jason, Emma, Andrew, Hannah, Ed, Sarah and Olly, as well as a few helpful exhibitors, the sixteen sustainable seats and all the individually hung components were up in time for the opening tomorrow.

It was well worth it, the stand looks fantastic. As intended, the exhibit provides a great insight into the techniques employed by the designers in creating the final seats.

Many thanks also to Sam Hill for his help with set up and his insights into seafood.

We all finally got a chance to sit down at a nice little restaurant afterwards.

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Royal Festival Hall
RFH, 16 September 2007

The newly re-opened Royal Festival Hall played host to a variety of interactive workshops run by [re]design and friends. Activities made innovative use of waste materials. David Stovell, who ran a workshop making his Sunday Paper Stools, joined us. As did Barley, with her giant knitting needles and yarn made from plastic bags. There were also workshops making WEmake Mimos and Tetris furniture, and [re]design badge rosettes, which were a big hit.

(right) Customized wooden cart which housed the badge maker and rosette components.

David Stovell binding the rolled up news papers which form the Sunday Paper Stools.


Enthusiastic Mimo makers hard at work.

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Spin Art
For [re]design's Climate Cool By Design exhibition,
12 September 2007

[re]design is curating an exhibition for the British Council which is to tour three major cities in China. The Climate Cool By Design exhibition explores how design and consumer choices impact on our climate. Among the one hundred and seventy innovative designs on display will be WEmake's newly re-designed Spin Art bike. The Spin Art Bike is essentially a static bicycle that through peddling powers a rotating disk with paper attached. The paper is then splashed with paint, which spins outwards forming colourful patterns.

The latest version of the bike has been designed and made by three Goldsmiths University students, Jason Finch , Jonathan Attenborough and Oliver Bishop-Young. Jason currently runs Greasefingers, a charity that collects second hand bikes, restores them and sends them to underprivileged communities around the world.

The new Spin Art bikes (two of them) have been made from retired post bikes. They make innovative use of second hand bike parts throughout the design.

The small bike wheel comes from a child's bike. The chain connects from the bike to this small stand, powering the wheel which in turn powers the spinning disk.

Jason (Greasefingers) and Jason ([re]design) testing the mechanics of the new Spin Art design.

The finished bike was taken out to a park in Vauxhall for its first live paint test.

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