[re]design at Grand Designs Live London
ExCeL, London 3-11 May 2008

Sarah and Jason were invited to take part in two panel discussions hosted by Max Fraser at Grand Designs Live London, the UK’s top consumer show for design and innovation.

On May 10th, Sarah discussed ‘Design Crimes’ in front of a packed crowd of 600 with fellow panellists Kevin McCloud [Grand Designs], Naomi Cleaver, Sam Jacob [FAT], Nicolas Roope [Poke] and chair Max Fraser.

In case you missed it, here's Sarah's Design Crimes list in a nutshell:

Standby Buttons – just turn it off
Bottled Water – turn on the tap
Toasters with LED Displays – unnecessary energy-draining added feature
Single-use Plastic Bags – bad habit
Over-packaged food (eg tomatoes) – what a waste
New UK Coin Design – no numbers!!!
Net Curtains – horrible, make people inward looking, something to hide?
Happy Meals – bad food, crap toys, whinging kids
Inefficient Street Lights – light pollution
Over-Packaged Toys – cardboard box, vac formed PVC, twists, try-me function...
Patio Heaters – wear a hat and a jumper

Meanwhile, Jason examined how to ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’ – from why we buy so much, to what to look for when choosing better products – along with Jane Moseley [The Greenhaus].