At the Hidden Art Awards on December 13, [re]design's SIT UP stand at 100% Design was named Best Appearance During the London Design Festival. Open to Hidden Art members, the award was judged by the London Design Festival, with a prize of free partnership for LDF 2008.

SIT UP, featured at 100% Futures, got to the bottom of sixteen sustainable seats, investigating their journeys from inspiration and development into production and use – giving a picture of sustainable design practice in the UK with relevance far beyond the field of seating design, proving design can be responsible and friendly to people and the environment.

Here's Sarah (far right in the lovely dress) with the other award winners... 

Hidden Art awardees 2007 lineup


The opening day of Climate Cool at Grandview Plaza Guangzhou. We caught up with Piers from Designers Block who was in town visiting Guangzhou Design Week but took time out to teach Milly some new chopstick tricks over lunch.

Here he is at Climate Cool with Constantinos Economides' Rocking Chair and Cradle...

Piers Roberts with Rocking Chair and Cradle by Constantinos Economides

... and here's Milster and me sporting our Climate Cool Tees at the end of another busy day. Milly and Jason model Climate Cool tees