Head down to Kensington Palace Gardens this weekend to indulge in our FREE Easter Egg Hunt. The eggs are inspired by the story of Peter The Wild Boy, a past inhabitant of Kensington Palace.

Peter the Wild Boy caused a sensation when he arrived at the court of King George I just before Easter on 7 April 1726. A feral child who had been captured in the woods near Hanover in Germany, Peter was a court curiosity. Around 12 years old, Peter had dark, bushy hair, walked on all fours and had an irrepressible laugh. He spoke no language but loved to hum and dance to music.

Discover more about Peter the Wild Boy on our Easter Egg Hunt:
Collect a letter at each of our seven wild garden eggs by taking a rubbing at the wooden plaques.

Rearrange the letters to find the hidden phrase.

Return to the palace with the completed phrase to collect your Easter Egg prize.

The eggs:
Egg Cup Railing Top - locally felled turned green wood
String Eggs In Tree - reclaimed wool yarn and fabric stiffener
Cosy Egg Throne - distressed original 60s Ovalia chair reupholstered using old sheepskin coats
Ivy Wrapped Egg - metal frame covered in wild ivy
Jewelled Egg - Papier-mâché egg decorated with broken costume jewellery
Willow Egg - 6ft high woven green willow sculpture
Wobbly Chalky Eggs - weighted eggs finished with chalkable eco paint

The Easter Egg Hunt is open 10-17 Friday-Monday. Kensington Palace is open 10-18 daily, entrance fee is £14.50 for adults, £12.00 concessions, kids go free.


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