Lighten Up at 100% Futures
Earls Court, London 18-21 September 2008  

After months of planning Lighten Up is ready!... Well almost, there is still the little matter of setting up a darkened 16 meter long polytunnel and hanging over 60 individual lights. It looks straightforward on paper...

The Lighten Up exhibition space at Earls Court makes use of a large metal framed polytunnel, the idea being to re-use it again and again. The structure will be clad in the black shade netting you can see to the right.

Jason and I, with the help of a handful of designers with work in the show (thanks again to you all!), began set up on the 14th. The framework was erected relatively quickly. However, as this was the first time the structure was built we had to mark and cut all the pieces of netting that form the skin and internal walls to the space.

Once the pieces were ready we began to hang them, which is when I had a shock, literally! Through handling the netting, with it rubbing against clothes and hair, it built up enough of a static charge to power the whole Design Festival. All that was needed was to touch something metal to release the charge, what better than a 7x17m metal polytunnel frame! Throughout the remaining set up I could be seen to have a nervous twitch each time I secured a fastening.

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