Stand O165, 100% Futures
100% Design, Earl’s Court, London
20-23 September 2007

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Are you sitting comfortably? And sustainably?

SIT UP gets to the bottom of sixteen seats that combine the fundamentals of seating design – user comfort, quality and style – with a passion for sustainability. The results are truly ‘good’ and gorgeous.

The SIT UP seats are:

Alt Chair by Aaron Moore
Bourke’s Luck by Ryan Frank
C10 Springback Chair by David Colwell Design
Cocochair by Alessandro Zampieri Design
Grownup Stool by Christopher Cattle
I B Pop by Blue Marmalade
Joy by Orangebox
Max by Reestore
Once A Door by Claire Heather-Danthois
Poly-Morph by Lou Rota
RD4s by Cohda
Reee Chair by Pli Design
Rocky the Rocking Sheep by Sam Murat
Teddy Bag by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tetris by WEmake
Your Stool 2 by Ryuichi Tabu

SIT UP investigates the sixteen seats’ journeys from inspiration and development into production and use. Together these tales give a picture of sustainable design practice in the UK with relevance far beyond the field of seating design, proving that design can be responsible and friendly to people and the environment. SIT UP aims to entice, inform, and motivate designers, manufacturers, specifiers, retailers, purchasers – and everyone who sits – to make more sustainable choices.

The SIT UP designers range from new graduates to long established companies. Each has a unique take on sustainability, with their own distinctive working processes. Approaches include:

* Awareness of material choices: sustainably grown natural materials, reclaimed wood and cardboard, salvaged furniture, and innovative recycled plastics.

* Redesigning manufacturing processes and supply chains: energy-efficiency, local sourcing and selling, and user as maker.

* Considering the relationship between product and user: adaptable seats that change with the owner over time, participative design, and designs that encourage sustainable habits.

* Long-term thinking: products that last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, design for easy upgrading, disassembly and recycling.

The outcomes are incredibly varied, but all are propelled by the belief that design can help create a better world.

We hope SIT UP will inspire the next generation of friendly seating and get more bums onto sustainable seats.


“The best stand here – spot on!”
Frances Sorrell, Sorrell Foundation, on SIT UP at 100% Design

“[re]design exhibited SIT UP, an inventive take on the stories behind the manufacturing process of sustainable seating as part of the first 100% Futures. This was the central feature within 100% Futures and it provided essential commentary on sustainable design solutions and invaluable direction for young designers. We look forward to working with [re]design in the future.” 
Peter Massey, Exhibition Director, 100% Design London

"Not only did I get an enormous amount of positive feedback about the piece I showed in [re]design's SIT UP exhibition, I also received a significant commission from a boutique hotel who – inspired by what they saw on the stand – decided to incorporate the idea of reuse into their own interiors.” 
Lou Rota, Designer


The SIT UP stand at 100% Futures

The exterior of the stand featured a line-up of 8 seats on each side...

... while inside, the stories behind the seats were revealed

The story of Cohda's RD4S Chair



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