Jason speaks to Sublime Magazine at 100% Design about [re]design's Why Don't You... [re]design Christmas?. Check out the GREAT VIDEO!

UVF Cameo Kisses

15 May 2016
Come along to Urban Village Fete and have a play with our drawing machine.
Into The Wild Wolf Monster Making

30 April - 1 May 2016
We'll be making upcycled monsters with Beltane Fire Festival goers. 

What role could design play in creating true quality of life?

Climate change presents designers with a massive responsibility, and creative opportunity. As innovative thinkers and doers, designers are uniquely placed to review, rethink and remake the products, services and systems that will shape our future.

Is it time to [re]design design?

[re]design is a social enterprise that propagates positive sustainable actions through creative design. We seek out and promote Good and Gorgeous design that is friendly to both people and planet, and partner with a wide range of organisations to pioneer sustainable innovation. 

Through exhibitions, workshops, seminars and publications we explore the ecological imperatives, social and political drivers, and creative strategies that help shape sustainable design. Our diverse programme engages public, education and business in fresh new approaches to sustainability.

[re]design - creative, sustainable design for a better future.


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